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Redbox did a bait and switch on my order. I had ordered MS Office 2016 but when they sent me the link to download, they said they'd had a problem with the link, and I'd be getting Office 2013.

I never downloaded that program -- didn't want it -- but when I tried to tell them this, the company never responded to my calls or email. Now I've been billed for the program on my credit card, and I've begun disputing the charge. Interestingly, when I wrote Redbox an email to say that their charge was in dispute with my credit card company, they emailed me back immediately! They said that the "link problem" had been corrected and they'd send me the new link to the program I'd ordered.

I replied that I was no longer interested, and that they should not attempt to send me anything again. NOTE: The credit card company did not want to dispute this claim because I'd ordered online.

I pushed back, and they said they'd try to do what they could, that I should save all correspondence. I'll send them the link to this site.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia #1199092

Well, I just ordered the Office 2016 H&S so after reading this, I guess I will have to wait and see. If I were you, I would have another chat with my bank.

I had a problem last year with a toner cartridge company who, as it turns out were trading insolvent and had left their automated purchasing system active, just that there were no humans on the premises. After a two weeks of trying to contact the company, I had a chat with my bank. Following their advice, after 30 days had expired and no delivery eventuated, I supplied the bank by email proof of purchase and non-delivery and they went through Visa and got my money credited back to my CC account within two days.

Good luck with that. I guess maybe I might need a bit of that too.

Costa Mesa, California, United States #1121481

May we have the order number so we can at least verify that you have indeed purchased?

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